Best Place In South India

South India tour packages cover everything it is known for: hill stations, backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, ancient historical monuments, or architectural marvels. The peninsular people have been the connoisseurs of some of the most incredible art, architecture, literature, customs, food, and festivals. Deccan, as South India is famously called in the local dialect, has always been different and unique as a cultural hotspot of the country. Our luxury South India tour packages give you a chance to explore some of the most incredible places in the country and make your India tour worth a visit.


Architecturally, the temples of Khajuraho India reveal the art of Khajuraho, they followed a three- or five-part floor plan. The larger temples have an ardhamandapa (porch), then a mandapa (hall) leading to a mahamandapa (main hall) from where an aunterale (vestibule) led into the Garbha Griha (sanctum) containing the devta (god) or devi (goddess). An enclosed pradakshinapathar (corridor or verandah) runs around this sanctum.


Beautiful trails to trek, amazing boating experiences as well as panoramic views make your holiday worthwhile. Ooty also specializes in delicious chocolate which make for delightful shopping.


  • The Karaga Festival, peculiar to Bangalore, is a quaint celebration of goddess Shakti invoked in the earthen pot from which the festival derives its name. This pot, heavily bedecked with flowers, is borne by a man who observes severe penance for several days before the festival. Dressed as a woman in saffron, sword in hand and wearing the mangalsutra (necklace) of his wife, the karaga bearer precariously balances this pot on his head to set out from the Dharamaraya Temple on the day of the Chaitra Purnima in April.


When a poet, architect and an aesthete supervises the building of a city, beauty, balance and symmetry are to be expected. What leads romance to the city of Hyderabad, is the love story of a young prince and a village belle that resulted in its very foundations being laid. All the good hotels in Hyderabad are epitome of hospitality and make the travel to Hyderabad unforgettable.